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ERSI Energy Smart Lighting Inc. is affiliated with (ERSI) Electronics Recycling & Scrapping Inc., a recycler of computers, monitors, medical equipment, printers, copiers etc. In addition electronics, they recycle mercury filled T-12 and T-8 fluorescent lamps and other types of lamps and ballasts.  From handling thousands of T-12 /T-8 tubes, Metal Halide and HPS bulbs, they learned businesses were replacing with the same inefficient bulbs, most containing Mercury and were unaware of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting technology.

Commercial Grade LED Lighting products sales and installation

Welcome to ERSI Energy Smart Lighting.

ERSI Energy Smart Lighting Inc. is a lighting distributor with a focus on selling high efficiency replacement or retrofit commercial lighting. Energy efficiency in lighting is a primary goal of ERSI and ERSI typically recommends LED replacement lighting rather than T-8 or T-5 fluorescent lighting or other types of HID or HPS replacements..